Courses Details


  • Semester 6
  • Duration 3 Years
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English/Gujarati
  • Subject 7
Course Description

Candidates can undertake BSW as a full time course or even pursue it as a Correspondence/ Distance Education course. BSW course mostly comprises of three major parts which are foundation course, elective course and field work.Some common topics that candidates are made to study in a BSW course include Introduction to Social Work, Social Problems in India, Social Work Research & Statistics, Social Work Administration and the likes.

Learning Outcomes.

After completing BSW course, aspirants can either pursue higher studies in the field of social work. Apart from higher studies, candidates can also opt to pursue a job in the field of social work after completing their BSW course.


  • First Year
    • SEM-1. English
      6 Months
    • SEM-2. English
      6 Months
  • Second Year
    • SEM-3. English
      6 Months
    • SEM-4. English
      6 Months
  • Final
    • SEM-5. English
      6 Months
    • SEM-6. English/Gujarati
      6 Months


Dr. Jigar Pandya
Dr. Laheri Mandalia
Kiran Jambucha
Bavik Mehta